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accommodationMoving to a new country can be one of the most exciting times in your life, especially when the purpose of your move is to achieve your dreams. One of the hardest parts of moving, however, is finding a place to stay. At Columbia West College, we want to make it as easy as possible for our students when they’re moving to Los Angeles, CA. That’s why we’re proud to offer you a choice of housing options, ranging from apartment-style facilities to living with American families! Keep reading to learn more about our two types of accommodation programs, long-term housing and homestay.

Long Term Housing

housingWe at Columbia West College have partnered with local housing facilities to provide our students with quality, affordable and clean long-term housing in beautiful Los Angeles, CA. The room options at our five housing partners range from single rooms with private bathrooms to 4-person dorm rooms with shared bathrooms. Plus, all of our housing partners are located near our campus, so it’s easy to get to class!

All housing facilities come with fully furnished bedrooms and common areas. They also include utilities like cable television, Internet, water, gas and electricity. Some of our facilities even include two meals a day and parking!

Homestay Programs

Our Homestay Program is an amazing way to not only experience Southern California culture but also have more opportunities to practice English. Imagine: while learning how to speak perfect English, you could be living at a local family’s home and experiencing what it’s truly like to live like an American! Our homestay program gives you the benefits of meeting more local people, practicing English with your host family, and the chance to see more of Southern California with people who know the area and all of the fun things to do here!

Stay At CWC, One Of The Top Places to Learn English in Los Angeles!

At CWC, we’re constantly working to improve our programs and provide the best ESL class experience in Los Angeles, CA. We also work hard to provide great housing options for our students so that they feel welcome and at home. For more information on our housing options or about pricing, contact us today!