American Communication

Boost Your Speaking Confidence With Our American Communication Program
  • Feel more confident and comfortable speaking English at school, work, or in daily life

  • Learn the conversation skills you need to succeed

  • Perfect program if you want to improve your English speaking skills

  • Sound more like a native speaker with our Slang/Idioms class

  • Includes our core classes of Grammar, Slang/Idioms and Communication Skills

Student-centered, interactive learning

Improve your English naturally and have fun at the same time!

Personalized learning

Teachers encourage you to bring your personal experiences to your studies, including class discussions, role-plays, presentations and essays.

Creative assignments and activities

Keep learning fresh and exciting with a variety of assignments and activities, such as projects, school clubs and events around Los Angeles.

Track your improvement

Teachers regularly track your improvement through quizzes, presentations and creative individual and group projects.

Learn through tech and media

Tech and media are an important part of your life. Why shouldn’t they help you learn English, too? Go beyond textbooks and lectures with music, media, online activities and more to keep your classes motivating and interesting.

Amazing, supportive environment

Get the support you need to learn English as quickly as possible.