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Advance Your English Skills Through Our Essential English Program

Columbia West College is a Los Angeles ESL school for students who are interested in improving their English skills for personal, academic, or professional reasons. Our Essential English program will teach you the conversation, reading, and writing skills you need to succeed in academic and professional settings. What’s more, you’ll develop the confidence to communicate with native English speakers in all areas of your life, whether at school, work, or in the community.

So, if you’ve been looking for ESL classes in Los Angeles, you should know about the benefits of taking the Essential English program at Columbia West College. Our Essential English curriculum is designed to help you improve your English naturally as you move from beginning to advanced levels. In addition, our program structure, great teachers, engaging activities, and small classroom sizes help you become more comfortable with English so you can learn English as quickly as possible.

Our Unique Approach to ESL Classes

At Columbia West College, our approach to learning is communicative, interactive, and most importantly, fun! You’ll learn grammar, reading, writing, and conversation skills through a variety of methods in and out of the classroom. Some of the great benefits of our unique program include:

  • Small class sizes: Get a more personalized learning experience. Fewer students mean our instructors have more time to spend with each student.
  • Personalize your learning: Teachers encourage you to connect to what you’re learning by sharing your personal experiences, giving speeches, conducting interviews, and participating in a variety of discussions with classmates.
  • Creative assignments and activities: Reinforce the skills you’re learning in class with fun and engaging assignments and activities, such as games, role-plays, and cultural field trips in the Los Angeles area.
  • Monitor your progress: Teachers regularly monitor your progress through quizzes, presentations, and creative individual and group projects.
  • Learning through a variety of technology and media: Technology and media are an important part of your daily life. Why shouldn’t they help you learn English, too? Instead of just textbooks and lectures, your teacher will use computers, projectors, music, news, and online games to keep your classes interesting, motivating, and fun as you learn English.

These benefits of our Essential English program help students like you succeed in becoming confident, fluent English speakers. Our program will be challenging enough to help you master English, yet personal enough to make the experience comfortable and enjoyable.

Learn English in Los Angeles by Contacting Us Today!

Columbia West College is known for our Los Angeles English classes due to our unique approach, excellent instructors, and small class sizes. You can learn more about how our program can help you improve your English language skills by completing our convenient contact form today. We look forward to meeting you!