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Our Promise To You

Our 12-Promise Checklist!

Many ESL schools are really vague about the benefits of attending their school. But at Columbia West College, we offer you a clear and complete, 12-Promise Checklist. Here’s exactly what we promise you…

1. An Individualized Educational Program Designed Specifically for YOU
Why be forced into another school’s cookie-cutter curriculum when CWC creates a unique educational program specifically for you? You and your educational goals are unique and special. Why not have an English curriculum that caters to you and your needs?

2. Conversation Partner Program
The biggest challenge for ESL students is getting opportunities to practice their English conversation skills with native English speakers. At CWC, we make it easy by offering our students a free program to practice their English conversation skills with our handpicked, friendly, American volunteers!

3. Conversation Café
If the Conversation Partner Program wasn’t enough, CWC gives our students yet another terrific chance to talk to real Americans! Every month at our Conversation Café, our teachers, American friends, and American volunteers gather at a restaurant or bar to play fun games and make friends with our students. It’s a fantastic opportunity for our students to practice the English they learn in the classroom!

4. Free Private Tutoring
If you have any English-related questions or need some additional help with your schoolwork, you can sign up for a 15 or 30 minute tutoring session with one of our qualified and helpful teachers. Get all of your ESL-related questions answered with this valuable (and free!) student service!

5. Free Monthly Language Workshop
Every month, one of CWC’s teachers leads a Language Workshop on a specific topic that our students want to learn about. For instance, we’ve had workshops on Slang & Idioms, How To Learn English by Watching Movies and TV, and even Learning English through Improvisational Comedy! These workshops are extremely popular among our students and can be very helpful in developing your English skills.

6. Presentations By Our 2- and 4-Year College and University Partners
Columbia West College’s Pathway Program (where you can transfer to 2 and 4-year colleges and universities without having to take the TOEFL or IELTS test) is outstanding. So our college and university partners make it a point to come to Columbia West College and make presentations to our students regularly. That way, you are up-to-date on all our college and university partners’ latest undergraduate and graduate programs and admissions information.

7. Exciting and Diverse Monthly Activities
Every month, CWC’s activities calendar is packed with exciting events that are designed to be fun and help students learn about Los Angeles and American culture. This includes field trips to Griffith Observatory, the Natural History Museum, TV show tapings, beach barbeques, ski trips, and much, much more!

8. A Warm, Family-Like School Environment
Since CWC is family-owned and operated (check out this video to see how CWC got started. We have naturally created a family-like environment for our students as well. Students have often commented on how comfortable and welcome they feel while studying at our school.

9. Native English-Speaking Teachers
CWC is extremely selective when it comes to hiring our teachers. Not only must CWC teachers be native English speakers, they must also have at least 3 years of ESL teaching experience. Plus, many of our teachers hold graduate degrees in ESL-related subjects like Linguistics. This means that all CWC teachers are highly qualified to teach English.

10. Clean, Safe, and Affordable Housing Options
At CWC, we provide our students with a variety of fantastic housing options. Each of our student housing partners has different options in terms of price, distance from the school, and meals, but you can be sure that you’ll get clean and safe accommodations. We also have an excellent homestay option for students who want to experience living with an American family. Regardless of your housing preferences, CWC has you covered!

11. Safe and Secure School Building With 24-Hour Surveillance
CWC students don’t need to worry about safety while attending classes. The reason is, Columbia West College is located inside the tallest building in the Wilshire Center District, and is monitored by 24-hour security and surveillance. Safety is not an issue when you study at Columbia West College!

12. Clear, Informative, and Fun New Student Orientation!
Let’s face it… going to a new school is tough. Especially if you’re from a different country! You’ll probably have a lot of questions like, what are the school’s rules and policies? What will my classes be like? Can I take a vacation if I want? Does CWC help with housing? Well don’t worry, we’ll cover all that and more at the New Student Orientation! Not only will you get all your questions answered, you’ll have fun doing it.