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Introductory ESL

A Personalized and Engaging Introduction to English

The introductory ESL program at Columbia West College is designed for students seeking flexible English classes in Los Angeles. Whether you want to focus on academic or conversational English, you can customize your program by choosing from our Standard ESL classes and Conversation courses. This personal approach to learning English, along with small classes with engaging teaching methods, can help you gain the confidence and skills you need to master English.

Customize Your Introduction to English

Columbia West College offers Introductory ESL courses in Los Angeles for students who want to personalize their learning experience. By offering courses in both Standard ESL and Conversation training, you can decide what kind of English focus you want and then choose your classes based on those goals.

  • Choose two classes from six different skill areas in Standard ESL and Conversation coursework.
  • Standard ESL program classes concentrate on grammar, reading and writing, and listening and speaking.
  • Conversation program classes concentrate on improving everyday speaking skills by teaching pronunciation and accent reduction, slang and idioms, and presentation skills.

Plus, no matter which courses you choose, our small class sizes mean that our instructors will give you the support and attention you need to develop your English skills.

More Than a Language Lesson

There are many places to learn English in Los Angeles, but to get a solid introduction to the language, you need a creative program that keeps you engaged. You can’t learn English if you’re bored by your classes! That’s why our Introductory ESL program at Columbia West College goes far beyond just classroom lectures and textbooks! We encourage interactive learning and use a variety of technologies to teach you English, such as:

  • Connecting classroom topics to your personal experiences.
  • Discussing local and global issues and participating in role-plays of real-life scenarios.
  • Joining other students in games, interviews, field trips, and other activities that will help you learn to think and respond in English.
  • Combining traditional learning materials with computers, online games, and videos to keep you engaged and offering you many different ways to learn.

Sharpen Your English Skills With a Top Los Angeles ESL Program

The personalized program and creative teaching techniques at Columbia West College make us one of the best ESL schools in Los Angeles for students who need a solid introduction to English. You can choose the courses that will benefit you most and participate in discussions, games, readings, and role-playing exercises that will strengthen your language skills. Use our convenient online application to apply today.