Broaden Your Horizons with English as a Second Language

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Broaden Your Horizons with English as a Second Language

As an International Student, you probably know that learning English as a second language can have a huge impact on your life and career. With more than 800 million global speakers, English is arguably the most important language in the world. Being fluent in English allows you to live or work in the Americas, Europe, and many other areas. But learning English can do more than just open up new opportunities around the world – it can also benefit your brain, life, and career!

Train Your Brain

Studies show that learning English as a Second Language is great for your brain! When you learn a new language, you improve your planning and decision making skills, memory and reasoning, and maybe even help delay Alzheimer’s symptoms.


If you’ve ever dreamed of biting into the Big Apple (New York), enjoying a foggy day in London town, or exploring the outback of Australia, learning English opens the door for all these adventures and more. While you can still travel without knowing the language of the country, being fluent in English will allow you a richer, fuller experience whenever you visit any English-speaking part of the world.

Job Opportunities

As the world becomes more global, international companies are looking all over the world for their new employees – and learning English as a second language will help you stand out from the crowd in a big way. When you learn English from a quality English language school like Columbia West College, you’re working to create a better future for yourself.

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