Best L.A. Artists

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Best L.A. Artists

Some of America’s best art is created by L.A. artists. L.A. has an exciting art scene. L.A. artists make art in a wide variety of styles, and many new art styles have gotten started in L.A. Many L.A. artists are famous for their mural, graffiti, -, and -. Here’s a look at some of the best L.A. artists.

Best L.A. Artists: Latino Mural Art

Because of its climate, Los Angeles is known for its mural and graffiti art (paintings on the walls of buildings). There are many famous murals by L.A. artists. Many of these murals have political or social themes.The art of Los Angeles has also been strongly influenced by Latin American cultures. Some of the famous Latin American mural painters who have painted the L.A. landscape include: Diego Rivera, David Siqueiros, and Jose Orozco. This video shows the art of Latino mural artists in L.A.:

Best L.A. Artists: Street Art

Today, many L.A. artists continue the mural tradition. Some of the most popular murals by contemporary L.A. artists are: Bandit, Ernest Zaharevic, Morley, and Shepard Fairey.

L.A. artist Morley is famous for his street art drawn with a marker. He’s published a book called, If You’re Reading This, There’s Still Time. His work has been supported by Banksy, the famous street artist.

Shepard Fairey, a famous graphic designer, has produced many murals around Los Angeles. Here is a sample of his L.A. art:


This DTLA mural can be seen on Spring and 6th Street and has become very popular:

The neighborhoods most famous for their street art are: The L.A. Arts District, Melrose Avenue, Downtown L.A., and Venice Beach. This video gives a tour of the street art of Melrose Avenue:

Best L.A. Artists: Lowbrow Art and Pop Surrealism

Some art critics see the experiences of everyday life and ordinary people as inappropriate subjects for art. But, many L.A. artists use consumer products like toys and household items in their art. They also tell the stories of normal people in their art. One of the most famous L.A. artists to do this was Mike Kelley. Many other L.A. artists have continued this tradition. The best places to see Lowbrow and Pop Surrealist art are Hive Gallery in Downtown L.A. ( and La Luz de Jesus in Hollywood (

For helpful vocabulary for understanding art, this article is available: Understanding Art.


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