Music Notes: L.A. Concerts

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Music Notes: L.A. Concerts

American Music Vocabulary Explained

Each culture has its own styles of music and words to describe those musical styles. Attending concerts is a fun way to improve your English and meet native speakers. When searching for L.A. concerts, the words used to describe music can be confusing. These music notes can help you find concerts you would enjoy and to explore new musical styles.

L.A. Concerts: Types of Music

The difference among the most popular types of American music is how the music is played. The speed of the music is different in each musical style. The musical instruments used are different in each type of music. The most popular types of music played at L.A. concerts are:





Hip hop



These musical styles use different musical instruments and speeds. This video uses real music to show the differences among music styles:

L.A. Concerts: Instruments

The instruments used most often in Rock-n-Roll and Pop music are: electric guitar, electric bass guitar, and drums. Rock and pop bands usually include one or more vocalists or singers. Rock music is based on Blues and Folk music. But, Folk music uses acoustic instruments, including the guitar, that are not amplified or electric.

In Jazz music, brass and woodwind instruments are used. These are instruments that the player blows air into to make a sound. The saxophone, piano, trumpet, double bass, and drums are the most common instruments played in Jazz.

Many musical styles use electronic synthesizers. Hip hop, Pop, and many styles of electronic music (Techno and House) use synthesizers to sample other songs and to produce new sounds. These types of music play beats at different speeds to produce different moods.

Reggae music is similar to some styles of Jazz. Reggae uses bass, drums, guitar, organ, and brass instruments. Reggae also uses off, or uncommon, beats to produce music people enjoy dancing to.

L.A. Concerts: Types of Performances and Musical Groups

Musicians play together in a variety of groups or alone. A solo performances feature a singer musician or singer. A band is a group of musicians who record or perform together. This word is used most in Pop, Rock, and Folk music. An orchestra is a group of Classical musicians. An orchestra includes many different instruments. These instruments are: violins, violas, cellos, basses, flutes, clarinets, oboes, piccolos, bassoons, percussion, tubas, trumpets, french horns, and trombones.

Throughout the summer, there are many L.A. concerts you can attend to explore these musical styles. This article highlights some of the free L.A. concerts: L.A. Summer Concerts.

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