Top 5 American TV Shows

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The Top 5 TV  American Shows

for Exploring American Culture


top american tv shows

By watching the top 5 American TV shows, you can practice English and learn about American culture. America has many different cultures and communities. Americans share some values andtraditions. But, there are differences among people who live in cities and people who live in the suburbs of America, for example. American sitcoms explore the common problems and experiences of living in cities and suburbs. They also explore the differences between people of different economic and ethnic backgrounds. You can learn a lot about different American communities and common American experiences by watching American sitcoms. Sitcoms explore these Experiences in a funny way, because Americans like to laugh- even at themselves.

1) The Simpsons

The Simpsons is a very popular American cartoon that started in 1989. The show is about an American family living in a typical American suburb called Springfield. The Simpson’s is excellent for learning about American culture, because it shows you different parts of American life. Watching The Simpsons, you can learn about American schools, workplaces, community life, values, and traditions. There are a variety of funny, typical American characters on the show. The show also makes jokes about current events in America. Many of the episodes are available for free online. (The writer of The Simpsons also made a popular cartoon called Futurama. However, the jokes on Futurama may be harder for ESL learners to understand.)

2) The Fresh Prince

The main character (Will) has moved from a dangerous neighborhood in Philadelphia to a rich suburb of Los Angeles, called Beverly Hills. The show explores Will’s problems in learning to live in a rich community after living in a poor neighborhood. Many of the top 5 American TV shows explore this subject of someone who is poor becoming rich. Because the show has only a few characters, it is easy to understand what is happening. You can hear the show’s popular theme song here.

3) Cheers

Although this show is old, it is still popular with Americans. The show is about a bar in the city of Boston and the people who come to the bar everyday. Its characters are very colorful and different from each other. The show explores how people with different experiences and personalities can become friends. Cheers also has a popular theme song.

4) How I Met Your Mother

This show is set in the future, in the year 2030. In this show, the main character is sharing with his children how he met their mother. It explores his experiences with dating- another common subject in American sitcoms. The language used by the characters is simple and easy to understand. Many of the characters are very funny and show what different American personalities are like.

5) Glee

Glee, like many American sitcoms, is about an American high school. The main character is a music teacher who is trying to improve the singing skills of his students. The show explores the problems that high school students experience and shows how they solve these problems. The show is fun and great for improving your English, because it includes many songs. If you practice the songs from the show, you can improve your pronunciation and grammar.

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