Using Music To Learn English

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Learning ESL using music

The Magic of Music:

Using Music to Learn English

Everyone learns their first language the same way: by listening. Children spend a lot of time listening before they speak their first words. To

learn another language as an adult, the first step is also to start listening- and to listen as much as possible. But, finding time to listen when you are an adult is difficult, because we are so busy. Listening to music is one of the fastest ways to learn English. Music is fun. Using music to learn English is even more fun. It’s easy to listen to music while you are doing other things, like exercising or cleaning. Using music to learn English lets you do two things at once!

Here are some suggestions for using music to learn English:

1) Create a playlist of songs.

When using music to learn English, you will learn more by listening to the same songs many times. Creating a playlist of songs on your phone or finding a CD that you like is a good strategy. Listening to the radio or television is not as helpful, because you need to listen to the song more than once. Create a playlist of songs by singers you like and then find similar music. It’s important to find songs that you enjoy. Try to choose songs that have more than just a few words repeated over and over. It’s best to choose 5-10 songs, or a half hour of music, so you can become very familiar with the music. If you are making a playlist on your phone, apps like Spotify and Pandora are free, and it’s easy to search for music you like and create playlists.

Learn ESL using music
Make a playlist on your computer to learn ESL using music.

2) Listen to the playlist as much as possible.

Listen to the playlist during your daily exercise, while walking your dog or driving to work or class, while cooking and cleaning. If you don’t like a song, delete it from your playlist. It’s important to enjoy what you’re listening to. Also, delete any songs with words that are too hard to understand. If you find a favorite song, don’t be afraid to listen to it until it gets boring. The more fun you are having, the more you will learn.

3) Sing along.

After you’ve heard the songs several times, try singing. Don’t worry if you do not get the words right. Just sing what you think you are hearing. You can even watch karaoke videos on youtube. Many Americans enjoy karaoke very much.


4) Read the lyrics.

Then, look at your playlist and choose your favorite songs. Search for the words to these songs online. This is one of the best websites for song lyrics. When you read the lyrics, this will help you understand the songs. By reading along, this improve your experience using music to learn English.


5) Add new songs to your playlist each week.

It’s best if each week you add new songs to your playlist, but keep listening to the old ones to review what you’ve learned. Using a playlist of songs as suggested, you can practice your listening, speaking, and reading skills at one time!

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